Ben Robertson (double bass), Dave Beck (drums), Tim Stevens (piano)

The present incarnation of the Tim Stevens Trio was formed shortly after I returned from living in Sydney, where I had led a trio with Mark Lau (bass) and Simon Barker (drums). I had known Ben Robertson for some years, and played in his band Songhouse from 1994, as well as collaborating with him on an ensemble project exploring the relationship of piano and bass in modern jazz, during my Masters degree (1995). Dave Beck I would meet from time to time and playing together was usually something unplanned, but when it happened we were both interested in taking it further so it was a good chance to do just that when I came back to Melbourne and formed this group.

The focus in the band has always been on listening and collaboration, whether it’s in the playing of my tunes or towards collective improvisation. Each member of the trio is expected to play just what he wants, and there have been no major disasters so far.