I’ll tell you later in December


I’ll tell you later in December is more or less of a sequel to 2015’s I’ll tell you later, and deals with Christmas music that doesn’t include Rudolf or Santa Claus or any of that usual clichéd stuff. We don’t have White Christmases in Australia so why carry on about them? There is so much astonishingly beautiful Advent and Christmas music out there and this album peddles a little bit of that. Friends suggested it after hearing I’ll tell you later and although initially I resisted, believing Christmas albums to be where careers went to die, the more I thought it over the clearer it became that I could do something very different from the usual Christmas album routine. These pieces, like those that motivated I’ll tell you later are ones that I met as a child and either sang myself of heard others singing or playing at Christmas celebrations around town. Described by Alex Raupach as ‘a spiritual antidote to every shopping mall Christmas album you will hear in the next ten weeks.’

It’s available through Bandcamp via the link below.

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